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Apple’s Retail Store in Singapore, when will it be opened and how will we know?

During October 2015, it was announced by Pure Fitness to its members that it will be closing down to make way for the renovation of Apple’s first Retail Store in Singapore and had to move by the end of December 2015.


Following to the announcement by Pure Fitness, Apple has also official confirmed that it will be opening it stores in Singapore in late 2016, with the energy supplied to the store and its offices to be powered by solar power. The extract dates or time frame of when it will be opened has not been yet given.

During January 2016, as seen from this blog post and pictures, it has since been covered by white materials that indicates renovation will soon begin.

Moving forward to March 2016, it has been covered up with huge boards that surrounds the whole perimeter, the 3 floors, and at the sides. This suggests that works has begun to make way for the new Retail Store.

Most recently, there has not been any much changes since March 2016 but from looking on the outside, the ‘black’ stripes that distinct the previous has been long gone and the whole area will be built entirely new for the Retail Store and we should see some similar designs to the recent opened stores like the Union Square, and etc.


Firstly, we would be seeing some changes on the outside of the store, on the huge boards that they have covered up with. One of it could be an Apple logo being brought up on it, suggesting that it is an Apple Store (obviously).

Also, we might see some signs like “Coming Soon”, “Opening Soon” and etc, to tease everyone that it is going to open soon. For me personally, I would think they might probably put this up, that is close to one month before they are opened with dates confirmed.

When the dates are getting closer and closer to the opening day, the huge boards that once was covered up, will be removed and showcasing the Apple Retail Store storefront to everyone for the first time.
The next thing, we will see are Apple fans starting to queue to get their first glimpse at the Apple Retail Store. The first in Singapore. Also, they will be able to get an Apple t-shirt that writes the opening of the first Apple Retail Store in Singapore. This has been a tradition for (amongst) all Apple Retail Stores that opens for the first time.
Usually, the Apple Retail Store opens its doors for the first time is usually 0800hrs or 1000hrs depending.


Firstly, we will get to see this URL that will come online: ( This URL will be for Apple’s Retail Store to show the lists of stores that is in the country. Also, it will showcase Workshops & Trainings, Genius Bar information, a choice to buy online or via pickup in an Apple Retail Store.

The URL (“/retail”) works in countries that already has an Apple Retail Store. Example in the UK, Australia and HK by changing the ‘sg’ in the URL to ‘uk’, ‘au’, ‘hk’ respectively. However, for the US, it does not need to include or replace with ‘us’ or otherwise an error page will occur.

To conclude: 

Time will only tell when the Apple Retail Store be opened. However, from my personal point of view,  we will see lots more information within a few weeks to a month when it is going to open.

At the same time, do you think we will see a second Apple Retail Store in Singapore soon after the first opens? Where do you think the location will be? Let us know in the comments section below!


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