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Making of 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore @ Knightsbridge (Part 9) – UPDATED (1st Nov)

UPDATE (1st November): 

It is November and works seems to still go on inside the Apple Retail Store. Here is a sneak peek of the construction work that is ongoing inside. The opening of the store remains as a question mark as according to a work notice, it should end by 31st October.

However, fingers crossed that it will be open in time for the holidays.



Face Mask Off.


As we approach to the end of October, it still remains to be seen if works will end in the next few days. However, there has some progress being made. 


The white material covering for one of the glass for the Retail Store has been peeled off. We should some progress of most of the white material being peeled off from the glass over the next few days to weeks. 

Fingers crossed that it will open soon, hopefully  in November, just in time for Christmas in 2 months time.





As from the images, it seems that the right side glass panel isn’t installed (yet) as it can be seen covered with a plastic sheet instead of glass as compared to the opposite side of the storefront.

It is unsure what it is the cause but fingers crossed that it will open soon, hopefully dusing November, just in time for Christmas in 2 months time. 


Missing Side Glass

Do let us know in the comments how you feel of the progress so far with the Apple Retail Store and what we will likely to see in it! 


13 replies on “Making of 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore @ Knightsbridge (Part 9) – UPDATED (1st Nov)”

Can’t wait. I’m on holiday right now until 11 November, and hope it does not open until then. I really want to be there during the grand opening.


Great, waiting for this post also
Maybe … 1 December? i don’t think ill made it to grand opening, but at least i hope Apple Store SG allready opened when im at singapore


I pass by there today Nov 2, it seems that glass roof haven’t installed, I guess it needs 1 week or 2 to finish all 🤔 can’t wait to see the opening in SG 😃


Not yet coz I always pass by there every day going to work 😁
It seems they are still working at the facade. They haven’t remove all the barriers and krane still there. But I’m excited though 😁😁


Nothing new! Still pretty much the same thing like the photos posted above, I don’t think November is the opening, there’s a lot of things haven’t done yet esp the inside, maybe December!? Hopefully! Can’t wait to see it 😁👍


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