Making of 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore @ Knightsbridge (Part 11) – UPDATED (10th Jan)

UPDATE: The shelter on the exterior of the Retail Store has been installed and covered up about 70%-80% as well as the side of it has work almost completed.


There is no rest for the weary

Since our last post on 15 November, the work notice was scheduled for 30 January 2017 for the completion of the Retail Store after being pushed back from 31 October 2016.

However, according to a report by Channel NewAsia (CNA) recently, the date has apparently been covered up, thus suggesting an unknown date for completion.

Photo from Channel NewsAsia by Tang See Kit (9 Dec 2016)

According to CNA, they had interviewed the relevant personnels working on for the Retail Store, tells that construction works may not be able to complete by next month, January 2017. This was due to a 3 week delay that was issued and had to stop work.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had told CNA that they had issued a full stop-work order to one of the contractor that is in charge of the Retail Store on  October 24.

Photo from Channel NewsAsia by Tang See Kit (9 Dec 2016)

This was due to “unsafe conditions relating to work at height, traffic management, scaffolding, electrical installation and lifting operations that were observed during an inspection at the worksite”. The MOM had said the order has been since lifted and workers had continued on construction works. 

Source: Channel NewsAsia (CNA)


  1. nothing seems to change from the outside for weeks already. and is it even going to be solar powered? no news or update from apple at all. why is apple adopting a quiet stance on these developments??????


    1. onglaikuay,

      Apple has always had a notoriously quiet stance on nearly everything they do, including retail stores.

      As far as solar power, seeing as they are within a shopping tower, probably not. Not sure where this idea comes from.


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