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Apple Retail Store in Singapore ‘coming soon’ as mentioned in Q1 Conference Call

Apple has just announced their record breaking sales, revenue and the number of units sold in their Q1 2017. 

Apple’s total in terms of units, revenue & profit:

  • US$78.4 billion (S$110.49 billion) in Revenue
  • US$17.89 billion (S$25.21 billion) in Profit 
  • 78.3M iPhones
  • 13M iPads
  • 5.3M Macs 

Also, Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri has mentioned that Apple is going to open its first Retail Store in Singapore ‘soon’.

Here’s a recording segment from the conference call: 

Our retail stores experience (growth) in visitors and revenue in December quarter and we continue to expand our global presence. We plan to open our first store in Singapore and our second store in Dubai soon.

We can only hope that the Apple Retail Store will open soon in Singapore and although this mentioning of it may not seem anothing much, but at least we know that works are on its way to open in the coming months ahead. 


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