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Trees for the 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore Are Shifting In (UPDATED: More Trees)


With 1-2 more months to the rumored May 2017 date for opening, the interior works for the Apple Retail Store are intensifying. Trees are as part of the Retail Store’s interior, can be seen outside of the Retail Store which would likely be installed soon in the Retail Store. 

The Retail Store’s interior should be similar with Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, featuring Apple’s newest design for its Store. 

Source: CNBC

Trees are placed in the Retail Store are called “The (Genius) Grove”. Over here, Geniuses will help customers with issues. Going away with the traditional Genius Bars, the Grove  will have ‘nice outdoor environment’, like being in a park with Geniuses attending to you. 

Source: The Verge

Trees being placed outside before they get installed in the Retail Store:




UPDATE (30 Mar): More trees have been placed outside of the Retail Store which are likely to be placed inside soon. It is also worth mentioning that the height of the trees are rather tall and it could span up from the Basement to either the 1st or 2nd floor. 

Apple Retail Store - Trees at Night
Thanks Tony!

Lights and minimal fixtures can be seen inside from the outside of the Retail Store through its doors.


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