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Apple’s Earth Day: Website Updated, Short Clips on Environment & Earth Day Challenge on the Apple Watch

April 22 is Earth Day. Apple’s website has been updated to celebrate Earth Day with the leaf on the Apple logo to be in green. It also features Apple’s steps to improve Mother Nature, the Environmental Responsibility Report and Apple’s Renew programme

Happy Earth Day

So what has Apple achieved and wanting to achieve?

  • Powering Data Centers: 100% of Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind and Water)
  • Facilities Worldwide: 96% of Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind and Water)
  • Packaging Used: 99% Recycled (Responsibly Managed Paper, Bamboo & Waste Sugarcane)
  • Helping suppliers to bring 4 billion watts of renewable power online by 2020
  • Stopping mining on earth and building new products using recycled materials. 
    • Materials = your old devices when brought for recycling
Apple's take on Renewable Energy in Singapore
Source: Apple – Environment – Climate Change

It also worth noting that the Apple Retail Store and Apple offices in Singapore will also be powered by 100% Renewable Energy. To achieve that, the solar energy developer, Sunseap Group will partner with Apple and these solar energy systems will be placed at the top of more than 800 buildings. [CNA]

Apple’s Short Clips on Environment:

Apple — Earth Day 2017 — Can a building breathe?

Apple — Earth Day 2017 — Why does Apple make its own sweat?

Apple — Earth Day 2017 — Can we produce zero waste?

Apple — Earth Day 2017 — Do solar farms feed yaks?

Apple’s Earth Day Challenge for Apple Watch users


Apple has also offered a challenge for all Apple Watch users to a workout of 30 minutes or more. After completion, you can get an achievement badge! The workout have to be either walk, run, cycle, wheelchair or swim. You can either use the Workout app or any third party app that writes workouts to Health. You will also receive iMessage stickers!

Apple Watch Earth's Day Challenge

This is a giant footstep of Apple’s achievements and goals to save and improve Mother Nature. Apple also do hope that other technology companies can follow suit in the progress of clean energy and using recycled materials. 

“We want to leave the world better than we found it”

– Tim Cook –

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