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Making of 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore @ Knightsbridge (Part 13)


White canvases has been placed and covered on the outside of Retail Store with the possiblity of removing the white material behind it which protects the glass while renovation works were ongoing. The white canvas would still help keep the element of surprise of what’s in the Retail Store.



A few days ago, on April 25, Apple’s SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, had launched “Today at Apple” in its Retail Stores worldwide. It is aimed to bring people and communities together at the Retail Stores.

Source: “Today at Apple” bringing new experiences to every Apple Store

Not just by making the Retail Stores a place to purchase Apple products but also into a place for people and communities to gather around, attend workshops and programs, learning new skills that would enrich people’s lives.  We would also likely see these changes applied to the current Apple Retail Store in Singapore as well. It would likely include a big screen, meeting rooms and classrooms. 


During our last update earlier this April, trees were moved and placed outside of the Retail Store. Today, we can confirm that the trees will be placed outside permanently. The removal of the work boards that keeps people out from the site have also been started. Final works are still ongoing and limited seatings can be found outside too. 




Rumoured to open in May, the date seems likely at this point of time and as follows with other Apple Retail Stores openings, it would likely be on a Saturday. We should be able to see a teaser on Apple’s website indicating the time and date of the opening. 

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