Making of 1st Apple Retail Store in Singapore @ Knightsbridge (Part 14) – Apple Loves Singapore

Apple’s Love for the Red Dot


Last night, as reported by The Straits Times, the white canvas and barricades has (finally) been removed at the front of the Apple Retail Store. However, the insides has yet been revealed and the Retail Store will be named “Apple Orchard Road”.

On Apple’s website, the Retail Store isn’t listed yet, questioning a confirmed opening date though sources claim it will open on May 22.  




The Retail Store is still covered but however, it now bears an Apple logo, a heart shape, a red circle or dot and the name of the upcoming Retail Store. The red dot, or little red dot is usually how Singapore is being described.



With these 3 logos and shapes, a hidden meaning which by The Straits Times spotted could mean, “Apple loves Singapore”. At the bottom of the 3 logos and shapes, it contains 12 similar but smaller images with the red dots featuring different people from all walks of life, all part of helping the community with their Apple devices.

They include:

  • Filmmakers: Boo Junfeng and Anthony Chen
  • Singer songwriter: Joel Tan from Gentle Bones and Sezairi Sezali
  • Photographer Aik Beng Chia
  • Illustrator: Kristal Melson 
  • App Developer: Hon Cheng Muh
  • Artist: Ernest Goh
  • Founders of Carousell: Siu Rui, Marcus and Lucas
  • Founder of Supermama: Edwin Low
  • Founder of RunSocial: Marc Hardy
  • Fitness Enthusiast: Claire Jedrek

You can check each of them out in the gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Retail Store will feature 3 doors for entrances and exits, each with a glass panel placed above. There are 8 trees placed outside and with limited seating. It has a huge space outside as well, probably to hold queues for future Apple product launches.





The Retail Store will feature a huge screen with seats for the community to gather, attend workshops, to learn new skills and etc, all part of Apple’s “Today at Apple” that SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts recently announced.

Today, a security personnel can be seen on patrol. Similarly with other Apple Retail Stores around the world, when the Store opens, more security personnel will be on site. There were also some personnel which seems to be from Apple having discussions and probably employees that will be on the sales floor when it opens.

The Retail Store will be powered by solar energy, Apple’s goal to achieve 100% clean energy. Partnering with Sunseap, Apple aims to power both Apple offices and the Retail Store(s) with solar energy. By using clean and renewable energy, it is all part of Apple’s initiative of giving back to the environment. It is said to have solar panels on more than 800 rooftops in Singapore.

Apple's take on Renewable Energy in Singapore

It is sure that the Apple Orchard Road will open soon but with a few more checked items before the opening.

  1. Apple’s website updated with Singapore in the list of countries with Apple Retail Stores.
  2. A webpage for the Retail Store with the name “Apple Orchard Road” with its URL most probably be : ““. The link is currently not live and thus giving an error when visited.
  3. An opening date and time for the opening updated on the website and/or the Retail Store.

It has been a amazing experience from the announcement of the first Apple Retail Store in Singapore back in October 2015, to the beginning of renovation works in March 2016, installing of the iconic glass panels during mid 2016, till today’s last lap to the opening of the Retail Store in May 2017.

Let us know about your waiting experience as well in the comments below and any thoughts about Apple Orchard Road.


  1. Looks like “Apple Loves Japan”. There’s a difference between what a “little red dot” looks like and a BIG red dot, which is literally the national emblem of Japan – the only thing on the Japanese flag. This sign should be a red dot with a black circle around it, to differentiate it from Japan.


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