Apple Retail Stores

Apple’s 1st Retail Store to Open on May 27 (UPDATED)


According to The Straits Times, workers has been seen putting up a date on the Apple Retail Store marked, “27.05.17”. The Apple Orchard Road will officially open next Saturday on 27th May 2017 at 10 am (1000hrs).

Most of Apple’s Retail Stores opens on a Saturday and as, like Apple Orchard Road, it indeed falls on a Saturday. The previously rumoured date of May 22 by a worker seems to contradict the day that usually Apple opens their Retail Stores. 

On the Singapore’s version of Apple’s website, it has been updated to feature the new Retail Store and with a week and a half to the opening, Apple’s website for the Retail Store is currently live now. isn’t live yet. The website should come live as days to come. 

Aside from the Retail Store, Apple has also introduced on its website, “Today at Apple” with exclusive performances and sessions to coincide with the first few days of the opening.

Stay tuned for more! Will you be visiting the Retail Store when it opens? 


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