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Apple’s 1st Retail Store In Singapore Is Being Unveiled!

The Apple Orchard Road has completed its undergoing the reveal process of the Retail Store that was originally hidden behind from the vinyl.

Here is how Apple Orchard Road looks like:




Photos by @derektan4

Staff can be seen in the Retail Store for training before the opening this Saturday, 27th May.


Here are some images by Instagram users during and after the process of pealing the vinyl: 

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#🍎❤️🔴 #AppleOrchardRoad

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#🍎❤️🔴 #AppleOrchardRoad

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The vinyl was originally set up on 4th May, as part of a teaser of how “Apple Loves Singapore”, featuring an Apple logo, a heart shape, and a dot. All of them in the colour red.


About 3 weeks later, on 17 May, workers were seen putting up signs which mark the opening date for 27th May 2017. Also, Apple has updated its website featuring Apple Orchard Road and adding this Retail Store and Singapore to the lists of Apple Retail Stores that are global.


Apple Orchard Road isn’t only advertised at its own Retail Store, it has been advertised at other parts of Singapore as well.

The momentum and energy put into the Retail Store is huge as it is the first in Singapore and in South East Asia (SEA).

It is featured at Rocher with the same logo and shapes seen before:


This location is frequently used by previous Ads by Apple as well, such as the Shot on iPhone and Apple Watch Ads.

Apple Orchard Road is also advertised at Singapore’s Changi Airport which handles millions of passengers each year. Many that will come through immigration at Terminal 3 will definitely take notice of the ad for Apple Orchard Road.

The Apple Retail Store will open on the 27th May 2017, at 10 am.

We will update this post accordingly with new images from Apple fans and users.

Credit and Thanks to @appleorchardroad, @miltonsau@trevortan, @charlottefaith17!

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