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Looking Back: Apple Orchard Road

Apple Orchard Road is finally opened! Let’s take a look back at the birth of the Retail Store and see how far we have come.


Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.18.47
Image: Apple Orchard Road

October 2015

‘Leaked’ Announcement of the Apple Retail Store by Pure Fitness in an internal email to its customers on closing down to make way for a ‘future Apple Store”. Apple soon confirmed that there will be an official Apple Retail Store in Singapore for the first time.

November 2015


One of the last time that Pure Fitness, TOPSHOP, TOPMAN stores open to the public which they will have to close and move out by the end of 2015 for the construction and renovation of Apple Retail Store.

Article: Part 1 (Nov 2015)

January 2016




As soon as 2016 begins, The Pure Fitness, TOPSHOP, TOPMAN stores closes to make way for the Apple Retail Store and the glass in the stores were wrapped up with white material, preparing for renovation works for the Apple Retail Stores. During then, we are seeing a period of about 10-11 months for it to be completed by 30 October 2016.

Article: Part 2 (Jan 2016)

March 2016

3 months since the shops and stores closes at Knightsbridge, work begins at the site with work boards covering the storefront, which would showcase the amazing and huge size that the Apple Retail Store would become. 

Article: Part 3 (Mar 2016)

July 2016

4 months after the work boards were up, it has since been replaced by white canvases, suggesting works have begun and small holes can be seen on it, probably to act as ventilation for the workers inside.

A slight glimpse of the works ongoing for the Retail Store.

Later in the same month, the white canvas has been removed and it has been shifted inwards. Now, we can have a glimpse of what the structure looks like for the front glass panels of the Retail Store. 

There were also some wooden crates being placed outside for storage as well. The wording ‘Seele’ is one of the world’s renowned glassmakers for stores, structures, and buildings worldwide and Apple has been using them for the other Retail Stores around the world too. 

For the first time, we could know the expected date of completion from the board that shows the work notice and details. From it, we also learned that the Retail Store will have 4 levels, spanning from Basement 1 to the 3rd floor.

However, it is later in the year that we learned that the opening date has been delayed due to a stop-work notice by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Article: Part 4 (Jul 2016), Part 5 (Jul 2016)

August 2016

With glass structures were installed the month before, the first front and side glass panel gets installed into the structures. 

Article: Part 6 (Aug 2016)

September 2016

After the installation of all the front and side glass panels, they have immediately covered in white, probably to protect the surface of the glass as works still carry on. to prevent any leak in surprises of what is to come inside the store. 

It could also be used to prevent any leak in surprises of what is to come inside the store. 

Article: Part 7 (Sep 2016)

October 2016

Works have been going on but as the date gets nearer the end of October, there have been no signs that the Retail Store will be opened by end of October or in November.

Article: Part 9 (Oct 2016)

November 2016

Since the end of October deadline was not met, the board that shows the work notice indicates that there has been an extension to the deadline of when the work is due to complete, until the end of Jan 2017.

That meant that the Retail Store will not be open for 2016’s holidays season.

Article: Part 10 (Nov 2016)

December 2016 – January 2017


Works were speculated to end by the end of January 2017. However, according to that photo, dated on 10 Jan, works doesn’t seem to complete by the end of the month and works are likely to be ongoing into February. 

Article: Part 11 (Dec 2016)

February 2017


The interior lights from the Retail Store ‘leaks’ out to the night life on Orchard Road, citing that works are heavily focused on the interior. The date of completion is still a question after passing the supposedly completion date on the work notice.

Article: Part 12 (Feb 2017)

March to April 2017



Some significant progress work on the exterior of the Retail Store, which includes the removal of the side boards and there were trees spotted on the exterior. It was thought that it will be shifted in, but later confirming that it will part of the exterior. 

Article: Trees to be Placed Outside, Work Boards on the Side Removed (April 2017)

April 2017 


The front of Retail Store is covered with white canvas, citing the next major progress of it. It was initially thought it would reveal the insides of Store. The sides were revealed featuring trees and a few seats on the exterior. 


Article: Part 13 (Apr 2017) 

May 2017



On 4th May, the first sign of the presence and opening of the Apple Retail Store is being revealed to Singapore and the world with the Retail Store’s name: “Apple Orchard Road”. 

The shapes, bearing an Apple logo, a heart shape and a red dot which stands for “Apple Loves Singapore”. The red dot is well known as a symbol of Singapore, the red symbolizes “universal brotherhood and equality of manon” on the flag, and a tiny island that is just a dot on the map.



The opening date of Apple Orchard Road is being revealed and seen on the vinyl, just below its name, bearing the dates. Also, Apple has also added Apple Orchard Road and it’s website is live also featuring reservation and launch of Today at Apple.

The Reveal


At the stroke at midnight on May 22, Apple Orchard Road reveals itself for the first time. It consists of 2 floors, with the first floor for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple accessories. The second floor featuring a big screen and stools for Today at Apple sessions. The large glass panels brings a good view of Orchard Road and looks seamless of the outside when you’re inside, vice versa. 

Articles: Part 14, Apple Orchard Road to Open on May 27, Apple Orchard Road Unveiled! (May 2017) 

It had been an amazing journey writing through the progress of the Apple Retail Store, dating all the way back at the start of 2016 when the works started.

Do come and have a visit at the Apple Orchard Road! 



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