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Apple Jewel Changi Airport – Singapore’s 2nd Apple Retail Store, Opening on 13th July

Apple Jewel Changi Airport, the confirmed and official name as Apple’s 2nd Apple Store in Singapore and will open its door on 13th July 2019 at 10am.



Apple Jewel Changi Airport, the confirmed and official name as Apple’s 2nd Apple Store in Singapore and will open its door on 13th July 2019 at 10 am. This is after Apple Orchard Road which opened on 27 May 2017 – the first Apple Store in Singapore and in Southeast Asia (SEA). 

With the official announcement and opening of Apple Jewel Changi Airport, it has confirmed with most speculations that Apple was indeed in the works of a second Apple Store in Singapore. The spark in speculations of a second store was due to new retail positions being offered surfaced on Apple’s websites for job opportunities, during the fall of last year in 2018. However, instead of just ‘Singapore’ as the location, it showed as ‘Singapore-East’. 

This apparently gave a clear indication of where the next Apple will be located at, given that Singapore has a small geographical location unlike other major cities around the world. As such, there are only a few places in the east that makes it as a candidate for an Apple Store.

In fact, there is only one in the east of Singapore, which is none other than Changi Airport’s newest upcoming attraction, Jewel Changi Airport – a tourist attraction, a shopping mall and an airport.

Jewel Changi Airport is considered as one of the best locations in Singapore for an Apple Store in the east, after Orchard Road and the Marina Bay area. At the same time, given how prominent Apple Stores are usually located – at places where there is high foot traffic and at places of interests. 



Apple Jewel Changi Airport, unlike Apple Orchard Road, will be located in a mall, as like many other Apple Stores around the world. However, what’s interesting is that it is probably the first Apple Store in an airport. At the same time, this isn’t the first time that Apple has its stores at places of transit and transportation. One of such is Apple Grand Central, in New York City. 


Although it has been officially announced, what’s under the hood is still a mystery, though Apple Jewel Changi Airport will likely feature as a two-level store. This is similar to the other stores like Nike, Starbucks, Shake Shack, Skechers and etc., which are on the same level.

There are in fact only a handful of Apple stores in malls that has two-levels or more like Apple stores like Apple ifc mall in Hong Kong and Apple Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE, as most Apple stores in malls only features as a single-level store.



During Construction

It was a mystery as there was no indication that it will be an Apple Store, unlike other brands, where most of the construction boards will show and indicate the next retail will be. 

However, it was covered with the construction boards and canvas in grey (as like how the Apple Orchard Road was as well). 

Directions to Apple Jewel Changi Airport:

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