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Review: iPhone X

It has been almost a week since I got my iPhone X on the launch day. I got the 256GB Space Grey version from StarHub. So here is my review of the iPhone X.

Size of the phone

Left to right: iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone X

The first time I saw the phone, I thought it was pretty small as coming from Plus sized
phones. It turns out, I am quite happy with the overall size of the phone. It is less bulky,
makes it easier to put in your pocket, grip and use it with one hand.

Apple Unboxings & Reviews

Review: The Touch Bar

If you’re looking for a 13 inch MacBook Pro, you may have asked yourself, “Is it worth to pay more for the Touch Bar?”

This is my review after about 2 weeks of using the 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Functions (that I frequently use)

The Touch Bar replaces the standard row of function keys to give you shortcuts that are different for every app that you use and it is great that you can customise them too. Here are some of the things I use on the Touch Bar frequently that can be useful.

Typing on Pages (Text Style)

Touch Bar Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.38.10 AMTouch Bar Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.38.42 AMThe Touch Bar has a row of functions that allows you to change the paragraph style or the text alignment and you can also choose the colour that you want for your text directly on the Touch Bar.

Apple Unboxings & Reviews

iPad Pro + iOS 11: Can it replace your laptop?

People used to say that the iPad is just a giant iPhone without the phone, but not anymore! There are iPad exclusive features on iOS 11 that make iPad become more like a laptop rather than just a tablet that runs the same OS as the phone, features such as the new dock, the enhanced multi-tasking features like slide over along with split screen and picture-in-picture. Now you can even do drag and drop to and from different windows.

Drag and Drop on iPad Pro running iOS 11

maxresdefaultBefore iOS 11, the iPad Pro was already marketed to be a device that can replace your PC laptop. However there were a lot of things that the iPad Pro lacks when compared to a laptop due the limited capability of previous iOS versions.

When Apple first introduced the 12.9” iPad Pro and it ran iOS 9, like most people, my initial thoughts too were, why wouldn’t Apple put macOS on the iPad Pro which could make it a much more capable device, but now with iOS 11, I think people will begin to understand that better.