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Apple’s HomePod Imminent to Launch in Singapore?

The HomePod is Apple’s Smart Speaker with Siri, announced back in WWDC in 2017 and on sale since February this year only in the US, UK and Australia, without Singapore on the list.

Up until now, there has been no official word when it will be launched in more markets, but it seems that the HomePod is coming to Singapore soon!

With all electronic products such as the iPhone, and other devices need to be certified in Singapore before it goes on sale, a search on IMDA Equipment Search reveals that the HomePod has been certified, with the model, A1639, previously not seen in the list until recently. The model number shares the same as the US.

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Apple’s HomePod – Space Grey Unboxing! [Gallery] + Initial Thoughts

The HomePod is a speaker with Siri built in. It is only available in the US, UK, and Australia but not in Singapore (yet). However, it does and will work worldwide just like in Canada, so long as you can speak the English language except that Siri does not tell the news unlike in those countries where the HomePod is available. 

Although Siri may not be able to capture every word said all the time, probably due to our accent, but however, it does capture most of the words that we say, so long as we pronounce those words correctly and/or say them in complete sentences.

Now here’s the Unboxing of Apple’s HomePod:





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Apple Registers “HomePod” and “Apple Pay Cash” Trademarks in Singapore and In Some Countries

Apple Pay Cash

Apple had announced iOS 11 at the WWDC event in June 2017, with a new feature called “Apple Pay Cash”. It is where you can send cash or payments to your friends or recipients, without the need of a bank transfer.

Twitter user, @AppleR669, mentioned that according to an online search on IPOS, Apple had registered the trademark and the application is currently pending examination.

This might suggest that the feature could be coming soon when iOS 11 drops. However, not only it is registered in Singapore, but also in some countries.